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The soother, for how long?

To make the moment when you get rid of the soother easier, it is best not to use it too much. By this we mean putting it in her mouth even when she hasn't asked for it, or to keep her quiet whenever she cries. The soother should only be used when necessary and it should be removed as soon as the child falls asleep to ensure that she is not using it for too long and to stop her waking up every time it falls out of her mouth.


A good time to reduce or abolish the use of the soother is when the baby starts crawling and taking her first steps. At this time her interest in new activities and exploring can make it easier to give up her sucking habit. What is more, you should make sure that your little one doesn't get too attached to a single type of soother, and do not leave it hanging from her neck all day long as she toddles around the house on two feet or on all fours.


How to get your baby to give up her soother. Here are some simple rules that can make the separation from her beloved soother less traumatic.

- If she has always been given the soother only when she goes to bed, it will be easy to get rid of it from the age of two.

- To help your child give up her soother, you must choose a time when she is happy.

- She should be given a good reason for giving it up: "we'll give it to Father Christmas".

- It is not a good idea to hide the soother at home because you might be tempted to give in and give it back.

- You must comfort your child, praising her for being so grown up. This will make her feel proud of agreeing to give up something so important and taking a step toward becoming part of a grown-up world.

- It is important to take it step by step: first, take it away during the afternoon, during naps, etc.

- At night, give her a soft toy or something else that she will accept instead of the soother.

- We must never resort to punishments or humiliation. Getting rid of the soother must be seen as an achievement rather than a punishment.

- We must not be in too much of a hurry, as it's important for the little one to do it in her own time.