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Our Commitments

How we work

  • Quality and guarantees

  • Corporate Governance

  • Active Listening

  • Responsible Communication

Nascita della compagnia

Made with lots of love and care, our products are synonymous with safety and trust.
• We are members of the European Committee for Child Use and Care Articles, the body in charge of drawing up the regulations on child care products.
• All the teats of our bottles and soothers are approved by the Spanish Society of Paediatric Dentistry (SEOP).
• Suavinex manufactures small babycare products in the European Community, enabling us to thoroughly control the whole process.
• The products we manufacture have different certifications from Aenor such as the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:2004 standards.

Nascita della compagnia

Suavinex is strongly committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, an attitude is shared by the whole structure of the company. A project created with enthusiasm, a desire to change and a forward-looking approach.
• The company has a CSR Committee that is responsible for supervising our goals and commitments and ensuring they are fulfilled.
• We have developed a code of conduct and responsible practices that cover the principles that inspire and guide our relationships both internally and with customers, suppliers, local communities and society as a whole.
• We work towards transparent, public communication of our goals and progress in CSR.

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Our working model is based on active listening to the needs of the different groups of people with whom we interact. A commitment to two-way communication and a desire to improve, which places the customer at the centre of the business.
• We take advantage of technology, using tools such as Big Data and Data Management to aid more effective decision-making, gain an insight into our audiences and keep up with what the market demands and expects of us as a company.
• We offer a constant, accessible customer care service through different channels to ensure an experience that will meet your expectations.
• We promote satisfaction surveys, reports and studies that provide us with a better understanding so that we can respond to concerns and trends in our sector from the social and product-related point of view.

Nascita della compagnia

In our awareness of our responsibility as a company we choose to play an active role in public debate on issues that are important for society. We therefore try to favour:
• The creation of new spaces for dialogue and awareness-raising with responsible and inclusive communication and marketing campaigns, especially regarding issues related to family and children.
• The diffusion and exchange of knowledge through the promotion of talks, workshops, conferences and professional studies related to family, motherhood and parenting in general.
• The promotion of healthy lifestyle habits for parenting and child care.


  • Team and local community

  • Social action

Nascita della compagnia

The people who work at Suavinex are one of the company's most important assets. We have a diverse, multidisciplinary team made up of more than 400 qualified professionals who are highly committed to our social work as a company.
• We strive to grow as a team, offering the best opportunities for development, growth and promotion of talent.
• We encourage equal opportunities and have many women in management roles. Our business structure consists of 65% female employees.
• We promote measures to facilitate an appropriate balance between work and family life.
• We offer a safe and healthy working environment in different areas of the company through training, awareness-raising and prevention programmes.
• We are strongly committed to providing employment in the local communities where we have established our facilities, promoting both direct and indirect job creation.

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As part of our responsibility as a company, we believe we should contribute to the development of society by volunteering to take part in initiatives that are in line with our activities.
Thanks to this philosophy, we work independently and with different groups of people to push forward social welfare, humanitarian aid and integration actions. • We collaborate with more than twenty associations and NGOs that work with families with children in situations of social exclusion by directly donating products to them.
• We send free samples of our products to help families cope with a multiple birth.
• We make economic donations to help run social action programmes.
• We undertake to include people with disabilities through job creation programmes.
• We promote social volunteering actions among our employees.


  • Responsible production

  • "GREEN" actions

Nascita della compagnia

We are firmly committed to environmental conservation, because looking after the planet will determine the legacy we leave for future generations. We constantly strive to be more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly.
• We work with materials and manufacture products that are environmentally friendly, choosing materials such as glass, cellulose from sustainable sources and small electrical appliances that help reduce energy consumption.
• In our manufacturing process we use moulds that allow us to save and only use the amount of material that is strictly necessary, thus helping to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet and prevent the greenhouse effect as much as we can.
• We have implemented a recycling and selective waste collection process at our plants in Spain (Alicante) and Slovakia (Krusovce). We also help ensure that electronic parts and components are recycled.

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In order to fulfil our commitment to help provide a better world for future generations, we become directly involved:
• With the promotion of environmental volunteering initiatives in areas such as reforestation and cleaning of green areas that our employees take part in.