Any type of massage, if done gently and lovingly, will be enormously beneficial for your child. As well as relaxing and releasing tensions, massage provides security and well-being. Don't worry too much about technique; the important thing is to have physical contact with your baby!

We will now explain some of the movements that you can use to give your baby a massage. Before you start, it is important to know that you should not lose physical contact with your baby between one exercise and the next so that you do not lose that connection with them.


-Indian milking: Hold the baby's leg up with one hand. Close you hand around their leg and slide it from hip to  ankle. Repeat several times, alternating your hands.

-Swedish milking: This is like Indian milking, but in the opposite direction, stroking the leg from ankle to hip.

-Waves: Using a wavy motion, stroke from thighs to feet as if your fingers were a feather.


-Indian milking: Using both hands, stroke the arm from shoulder to wrist, as just as you did with the leg.

-Swedish milking: Stroke the arm from wrist to shoulder, alternating your hands.


-The book: With your hands together in the centre of your baby's chest, press outwards following their ribcage, as if you were trying to flatten the pages of a book.

-The heart: Without lifting your hands from their chest, move your palms as if you were drawing a heart and bring them back to the centre.


-Resting hands: Place you hands on their tummy and press very lightly for a few seconds.

-Scooping sand: Make a gentle scooping movement on their tummy using one hand after the other, as if you were scooping sand towards yourself.

-Bending: Gently press their knees against their tummy, holding the position for 5 seconds. Then carefully let go  of their legs.


-Resting hands: Place you hands on their back for a few seconds.

-The comb: With your right hand open and your fingers separated, “comb” their back, starting at their neck and moving down towards their bottom.


-The book: Use your fingertips to massage from the centre of their forehead towards their temples, as if you were flattening the pages of a book.

-Circles: Use your fingertips to make small circular movements around their jaw. Then move on to their ears and massage behind them. End the exercise by sliding towards their chin and giving your baby a kiss.