Helping your baby get to sleep

When a baby joins the family, the long hours of sleep that the parents used to enjoy become a thing of the past. We offer you tips to deal with both minor and major sleeping problems that your child might have.

- The atmosphere

This means that the little one must always be put to bed in the same cot and in the same place, a separate room or corner that is calm, silent and dark.

- Fresh air

Rich in oxygen and not too dry to help your baby rest at night. Therefore, the room where your little one sleeps should always be aired.

- The room

You should try to make sure your child does not sleep in a room that faces onto a street with heavy traffic. A healthy atmosphere also means that it should be free from noise.

- Children suffer a lot from the heat.

So don't cover them up too much. The room should be at a temperature of 18-20ºC.

- The pram and cot

It is important that they should be rigid and robust. As for the mattress, it must fit properly in order to prevent the child's foot or hand getting stuck in any gaps.

- The position

It is advisable to lie your baby face-down or on their side, as this position reduces the risk of suffocation.

- Rituals

These are strategies that mummies repeat every night to calm their little one when bedtime is approaching: singing them a lullaby, telling them a story, tucking their bear up, etc. These rituals should not go on for longer than an hour.

- The night light

Leaving a light on next to their cot can be very useful, especially when they are a bit older.

- The familiar object

For some babies it can be a ragged old blanket, for others a teddy bear or a t-shirt. It is an important object that substitutes the mother when she is not there, because it is warm, soft and comforting like her. Because of this, the child usually relies on this object to get to sleep.

- Mummy and daddy's bed

It's a pain for many parents, although many experts recommend it. However, if you do decide to let this become a habit, you have to remember that later it is very hard to break.