Practical advice for your baby's hygiene

Taking care of your baby's hygiene will not only make them feel clean and fresh, it is also an excellent chance to cuddle and bond with your little one. Let's take a look at some practical tips:

Nappy changing

To change your baby's nappy and wash their bottom, you will need baby wipes and previously boiled warm water, with a teaspoonful of bicarbonate dissolved in it. It is best to avoid using soap, as it can irritate the baby's delicate skin.

In the case of a boy

You should clean all his folds of skin, followed by the foreskin, pulling it back gently without forcing it. Lastly, clean his penis and testicles.

In the case of a girl

Clean from front to back to prevent any germs from her poo entering her vagina. Then gently clean the area between the labia, followed by her anus and bottom. Pat the area dry.

Cleaning your baby's eyes

You need gauzes dampened with previously boiled warm water or saline solution (it is not a good idea to use chamomile, as it could be a source of bacteria). To clean their eyes, gently wipe each eye with the gauze (it is extremely important to use a different piece of gauze for each eye), wiping from the outside in.

Cleaning your baby's ears

You need cotton wool or cotton wool buds. To clean your baby's ears, lie them on their back with their head facing to one side and slightly tilted back. Use the cotton wool bud to wipe your baby's ear, but do not push it into their ear.

Cleaning your baby's nose

You need a little saline solution or sea water; do not use cotton wool buds to clean your baby's nose. Lie them face-up and turn their head to one side. Then squirt the product into their nostril, before turning their head to the other side and squirting it into the other nostril. After 20 seconds, sit the baby up to allow the mucus to run out.

Cleaning your baby's mouth

You need cotton wool discs moistened with a special cleansing milk or baby wipes, sterilised gauze and previously boiled warm water. If your newborn's mouth is irritated by milk or saliva, wipe their lips with the cotton wool. To clean their mouth, dampen the gauze with previously boiled warm water, wrap it round your index finger and wipe the little one's mouth.