Making up a baby bottle, step by step

It is not at all difficult to prepare a bottle of powered milk for your little one. The important thing is to follow certain rules and get some practice. Let's take a step-by-step look at how to do it

Once the bottle is sterilised, hold the base of it in your hand. If it is still very hot, use suitable tongs. To start with, fill the bottle with the necessary amount of previously boiled or bottled water.

Then add the exact number of scoops of powdered milk that it says on the packet for that amount of water.

Use a leveller or knife to level off the excess powder in the scoop. You must always keep to the recommended proportion of powder and water. If you add too much powdered milk to the bottle, the resulting formula milk will be too concentrated and will contain an excess of proteins, fats and minerals. This will make your baby thirstier and they will cry for a drink.

Dissolve the powdered milk in the water and shake the bottle carefully, being careful not to shake it too hard, as this produces foam.

Before giving your little one the bottle, check the temperature of the milk by pouring a few drops onto the back of your hand.

You are now ready to feed your child the bottle.

Hygiene is essential when bottle feeding a baby. The bottle and teats must therefore always be kept meticulously clean. Also, you should always wash your hands thoroughly before and after preparing a bottle.

 And what kind of bottle should you use?

The bottle must have certain characteristics. It must be:

- Practical.

- Functional.

- Appropriate for the baby's age.

- Easy to sterilise.

- As smooth as possible so that it does not have awkward parts in which the milk gets stuck and cannot be cleaned.

- The material must be heat-resistant, non-breakable glass or plastic, i.e. it must be able to withstand high temperatures.