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Both a baby's skin and the skin of an expecting or new mum are worth taking special care of. With formulas that are free from parabens, caffeine, petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulphate and artificial colourings, these are the ideal body treatments for soft healthy skin.

Baby Cologne 100ml

A combination of citrus, white flowers and musk to freshen your baby's skin.

foam cleansing gel and shampoo 450ml and 750ml

Cleans and preserves the skin's acid mantle and stimulates the senses thanks to its pH 5.5 and foamy texture. Baby Cologne scent.

nipple care cream 20ml

Moisturises and soothes sensitive nipples with its combination of lanolin and St John's wort. An essential product to care for your nipples during and after pregnancy.


body restructuring cream 400ml

Maximises collagen formation and combats sagging skin, improving tone and firmness.

prenatal perineal massage oil 30 ml

Helps improve skin flexibility and elasticity when preparing for childbirth.