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hygiene and bathing

Bath time is not just a daily cleansing ritual; it is also a great opportunity to spend time with mummy and daddy. Our products clean the skin effectively without damaging it, making this moment a rewarding experience for all. A wonderful mixture of bubbles and cuddles!

Baby Cologne 100ml

A combination of citrus, white flowers and musk to freshen your baby's skin.

brush-comb set

Grooms and cares for your baby without harming her delicate skin and hair, thanks to its rounded ends and soft fibres.

baby wipes

With a combination of camomile and aloe vera to cleanse and care for your baby's skin without irritation.

termómetro burbujas
Bubbles thermometer

Measures the temperature of the bath, making it an ideal accessory for the daily care of the baby.




baby scissors

Small with rounded tips for cutting your baby's delicate little nails.

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