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Today, we have become the first company to turn our soothers, bottles and soother clips into genuine fashion accessories for babies. Being a baby nowadays means being able to combine accessories in the same way adults do. Choose your Baby Style!

Suavinex Couture Collection

Discover our new bottle, which is as clear as glass but as strong as plastic.

Suavinex Couture bottles, soothers and soother clips combine high-tech materials with finishes inspired by the latest trends in jewellery. Transparencies, chrome-plating and exquisitely designed gold appliqué in the BPA-free Premium range.

Meaningful life Collection

Combination of bottle, soother and matching soother clip.

Arty Baby Collection

Combination of matching bottle, soother and soother clip with tatoo motifs for the ideal look!  This limited-edition collection also includes a rattle, a silicone teether and a learning cup.

Dinos, Swallows & Arrows set

Combination of bottle, soother and matching soother clip.The ideal Total look!

Lovely Biscuits set

Combination of bottle, soother and matching soother clip.The ideal Total look!

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