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step-by-step teethers


  • The step-by-step teethers are safe, ergonomic, light and really fun.
  • The rubber teether is indicated for incisors and is therefore suitable for babies from 0 months. The little rubber bubbles massage the gums and it is very lightweight.
  • The chilled teether is indicated to first molars and babies over 4 months. By cooling the distilled water it contains, it alleviates inflamed gums, as well as strengthening the teeth thanks to its different textures.
  • The educational teether for babies over 6 months is indicated for molars. As well as alleviating inflamed gums and strengthening the teeth, the sound stimulation of the ratlle arouses baby's curiosity.
  • Available in pink or blue.


  • Step 1 rubber teether: from 0 months
  • Step 2 chilled teether: from 4 months
  • Step 3 educational teether: from 6 months
  • BPA free
  • STEP 1 Rubber Teether: Ref.3162896
  • STEP 2 Chilled Teether: Ref.3162897
  • STEP 3 Educational Teether: Ref.3162898

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