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  • With its small ring and innovative shape, it harmonises with the baby's face and minimises contact between soother and skin.
  • Available in both physiological and anatomic versions. The physiological teat, which is narrower and flat at the base, always stays in the right position and keeps the soother in place. The anatomic version also mimics the shape of the mother's nipple while sucking.
  • Approved by the Spanish Paediatric Dentistry Society
  • Available in six different designs
  • Can be combined with the clip brooches and bibs in the collection.
  • 3 available sizes: from 2-4 months (ideal for newborns) from 4 months and from 12 months.
  • BPA free.
  • Teat shape: physiological or anatomic
  • Teat material: natural rubber latex
  • Download instructions for use
  • Fusion physiological silicone soother – 2-4m 1 unit: Ref.178410.0
  • Fusion anatomic silicone soother +4m 1 unit: Ref.178411.7
  • Fusion anatomic silicone soother +12m 2 units: Ref.178412.4

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