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anti-stretch mark cream 400ml


  • Its combination of rosehip oil and Indian pennywort, enriched with vitamins E and F, improves skin tone and provides it with greater elasticity in situations where there is a risk of stretch marks, such as pregnancy and weight loss or gain.
  • Its preventive effects are enhanced by ivy and horsetail, which are rich in silica and also make it easier to massage and aid absorption of the active ingredients.
  • Its pleasant fragrance will appeal to your sensitive nose.
  • A basic part of your care during pregnancy.
  • Three months' treatment for the price of one.


  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • Fast absorbing texture that makes it suitable for massaging.
  • Its practical format makes it easy to apply.
  • Formulas free from parabens, caffeine, petrolatum and artificial colourings.
  • Anti-stretch mark cream 400ml: Ref.400241

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