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syndet cleansing gel and shampoo 400ml and 750ml


  • A basic part of baby's daily care, this shampoo and cleansing gel gently cleans the baby's skin and hair thanks to its special soap-free formula (syndet).
  • Its pH 5.5 helps form the skin's acid mantle.
  • It is formulated with natural fatty acids from coconut oil that prevent dryness and irritation, and chamomile extract and bisabolol, which are known for their soothing properties.
  • The provitamin B5 makes the hair much softer, shinier and more flexible.


  • 2 in 1 formula.
  • Syndet.
  • pH 5.5
  • Its practical format makes it easy to apply.
  • Formulas free from parabens, petrolatum and sodium lauryl sulphate.



  • Shampoo and cleansing gel 400 ml: Ref.400034
  • Syndet cleansing gel and shampoo 750ml: Ref.167104.2

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