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nappy cream 75ml


  • Thanks to its triple action, it protects the baby's delicate skin from external aggressions and helps it regenerate.
  • The titanium dioxide forms an effective absorbent barrier that protects the epidermis from irritants such as urine, faeces and the chafing of the nappy.
  • The shea butter and sweet almond oil soothe and relieve soreness.
  • Its carefully chosen combination of next-generation peptides and anti-irritant active ingredients provides effective protection against chafing, while helping to regenerate the skin.
  • An essential part of your baby's care.
  • With next-generation peptides.
  • Easy to apply to the skin.
  • Formulas free from parabens, petrolatum, artificial colourings and sodium lauryl sulphate.



  • Nappy cream 75 ml: Ref.400032

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