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  • The nappies include a full protection system for greater comfort and drier skin.
  • Thanks to the soft, cloth-like texture of their cover, they keep baby's skin dry and protected for longer, as well as allowing the skin to breathe.
  • The absorption system absorbs and draws liquid into the nappy, keeping wetness away from the baby's skin.
  • Their exclusive skin-protecting material with Aloe Vera keeps the skin moisturised at all times.
  • Their anatomical design and soft waistband ensure that the nappy fits the baby’s body better, providing greater freedom of movement.
  • The elastic strips adapt perfectly to the baby's legs, preventing any leakage.
  • Available in 5 sizes.
  • From 0 months
  • With Aloe Vera
  • Elastic waistband
  • Size 1 nappies (3-5 kg), pack of 36: Ref.240234.8
  • Size 2 nappies (4-10 kg), pack of 32: Ref.240226.3
  • Size 3 nappies (9-15 kg), pack of 28: Ref.240218.8
  • Size 4 nappies (12-18 kg), pack of 24: Ref.240242.3
  • Size 5 nappies (17-25 kg), pack of 20: Ref.248294.4

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