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breast pads


  • As well as absorbing leaked milk and drawing moisture away from your breasts, they are breathable and respect your skin's natural state. 
  • They are anatomical and ultra-thin, meaning that they won't show through your clothing.
  • Their convenient adhesive strip helps stick them to your bra.
  • Maximum protection thanks to their 4 layers: highly absorbent material that also neutralises the smell of milk.
  • Maximum softness: their non-woven fabric has been dermatologically tested and cares for the delicate skin of your breasts.
  • Maximum security: the exclusive waterproof layer ensures that no milk can leak through the pad.
  • Maximum breathability: its microporous fabric keeps the breasts perfectly dry.
  • Adhesive strip to stick it to your bra.
  • Ultra-thin.
  • Invisible under clothing.
  • Disposable.
  • Individually wrapped in practical, hygienic packs of 2.
  • Breast Pads, pack of 28.: Ref.182125.6
  • Breast Pads, pack of 60.: Ref.182126.3

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