Baby Cologne Sense

The committed fragrance

Lower impact on the environment

With 94% ingredients of natural origin, which are sustainable and responsible.  

Socially committed

It helps more than 250 children a year in a local school.  


Consumer input has been crucial in the choice of scent.  

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fragancia eco-concebida

Eco-friendly scent

-Perfumed water
-From the first day
-Dermatologically tested
-Suitable for sensitive skin
-Kind to the skin
-Does not stain clothes


  • Ingredientes naturales

    Ingredients of natural origin 

    This scent has been made using 94% ingredients of natural origin.
    *% including water.
  • Origen sostenible

    Sustainable origin 

    The carrot seed, kaffir lime leaf, geranium and rockrose are sustainably sourced thanks to partnerships with local suppliers from around the world.
  • Origen responsable certificado

    Certification of responsible sourcing

    Kaffir lime leaf and geranium hold a certification that they are responsibly sourced, with a positive impact on the environment and society.
  • Km 0

    0 Km

    The rockrose has been collected from the Mediterranean coast.
  • Baby Cologne Sense Upcycling


    The carrot seed and geranium are reused, thus contributing to a circular economy.
  • Baby cologne sense Jara


    A 0 km product from Spain.

  • Semilla de zanahoria

    Carrot seed

    We reuse the seeds discarded from the agricultural industry in carrot plantations.

  • Baby cologne sense lima kafir

    Kaffir lime leaf

    Our Kaffir lime leaf oil comes from Indonesia.

  • Baby cologne sense geranio


    Grown using drip irrigation, which minimises water loss. The organic waste from the process is converted into charcoal, which is later used as fuel.

Sustainable and socially responsible ingredients

Like the journey a stork makes to bring children into the home, our perfumers have sought out sustainably sourced materials from around the world, selecting the best ingredients from local suppliers to create our new scent.

Lower impact on the environment

Fragance concentration

A unique fragrance concentration technology has been used to create this scent, allowing us to use 10 times less dosage to obtain a scent that is up to 10 times more intense. By using 10 times less fragrance, we care for our skin and the planet.

Frasco Baby Cologne Sense

Cardboard and glass

The packaging of this new scent is made of cardboard from sustainably managed forests. What is more, the bottle of this scent is made of recyclable glass.


Socially committed

It helps more than 250 children a year in a local school.

Our supplier collaborates with a foundation in Egypt that manages and supports the entire process of obtaining geranium oil, as well as helping a local school with literacy programmes, daily hot meals and a safe play area.

Aroma Baby Cologne Sense


In order to choose the scent, we carried out an olfactory test with consumers. 3 scents to choose from, only 1 winning scent.

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And it doesn’t contain alcohol

  • "It’s unisex and timeless; for all ages, girls or women"

  • "It’s very intense like the ones with alcohol, and it’s also long-lasting"

  • "It’s a fresher fragrance. I love it for babies"

  • "Very mild and subtle, but its scent lasts"


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