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The first cosmetics range with ingredients of natural origin in packaging
made from renewable raw materials.

Committed to cosmetics


Improved, tested formulas to give the skin the care it needs.  


With 86% and 99% ingredients of natural origin. 


With bio-based container that helps preserve our planet. 

New cosmetic line Suavinex

Baby range

Babies’ skin requires special care from their first days of life. At Suavinex we have improved our formulas to offer a high-quality range of cosmetics for babies, with an emphasis on natural ingredients. Our cosmetics are clinically tested under paediatric and dermatological control, with a subtle scent and a pleasant texture to stimulate their senses.

Suavinex Baby Range

Discover the whole range

  • Syndet cleansing gel and shampoo

    Syndet cleansing gel and shampoo 

    Enriched with fatty acids derived from olive oil that help maintain the skin’s natural balance.
  • Foam cleansing gel and shampoo

    Foam cleansing gel and shampoo 

    With mild surfactants that gently cleanse and fatty acids derived from olive oil to maintain the skin’s natural balance.
  • Nappy cream

    Nappy cream

    Effective protection against irritation and redness in the nappy area. Soothes and softens sore skin, nourishing it deep down thanks to the effect of the evening primrose oil.
  • Intensive nappy rash ointment

    Intensive nappy rash ointment

    Helps soothe irritation and restore the skin’s barrier function in the delicate nappy area. With shea butter for immediate hydration, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to provide waterproof protection against external agents.
  • Moisturising body lotion

    Moisturising body lotion

    Moisturises deep down. Its formula is rich in calendula, which helps keep the skin soft and smooth. The melissa extract has a relaxing and purifying action.
  • My first face cream

    My first face cream

    With aloe vera and hazelnut oil to moisturise, soften and maintain the skin’s barrier function.
  • Dermo-hydrating wipes

    Dermo-hydrating wipes

    Formula rich in aloe vera to hydrate and soften the baby’s skin. Suitable for atopic skin.
  • Paediatric balm

    Paediatric balm 

    Moisturises, protects and helps repair irritated skin thanks to the shea butter and castor oil in its formula.

Maternity range

During pregnancy and the postpartum period a woman’s body undergoes important changes. Thanks to our innovation and our search for the best natural ingredients, Suavinex has created effective cosmetic formulas that respect the skin and offer the best results for daily care.

Suavinex Maternity range

Discover the whole range

  • Anti-stretch mark cream Suavinex

    Anti-stretch mark cream 

    Its formula helps to prevent the formation of stretch marks and improve elasticity. It contains hyaluronic acid and collagen to moisturise and firm the skin.
  • Firming cream Suavinex

    Firming cream

    Shea butter has excellent skin moisturising and restructuring properties and vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant.
  • Nipple cream Suavinex

    Nipple cream

    With 100% ultra-pure lanolin, which protects and moisturises the skin. The vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant.
  • Ivy

    Enhances absorption of the active ingredients concentrated in the formula.

    Anti-stretch mark cream

  • Aloe vera

    Refreshes and soothes sensitive skin.

    Dermo-hydrating wipes / My first face cream

  • Calendula

    Keeps the skin soft and smooth. Has a soothing effect.

    Moisturising body lotion

  • Chamomile

    Has a soothing effect.

    Syndet cleansing gel and shampoo / Moisturising body lotion

  • Chamomile

    Has a soothing effect.

    Dermo-hydrating wipes / Moisturising body lotion

  • Melissa

    Has a relaxing and purifying effect.

    Moisturising body lotion

  • Wheat germ oil

    Provides elasticity and flexibility.

    Anti-stretch mark cream

  • Olive oil

    Soothes and helps maintain the skin’s natural balance.

    Nipple cream / Foam cleansing gel and shampoo / Syndet cleansing gel and shampoo

  • Evening primrose oil

    Has a nourishing effect. Beneficial for the skin due to its high content of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acid.

    Nappy cream

  • Hazelnut oil

    Maintains the skin’s barrier function. Rich in fatty acids. Has moisturising and emollient properties.

    My first face cream

The best of nature


LSuavinex’s cosmetics range contains a high percentage of natural ingredients. Completely updated formulas with elements such as calendula, aloe vera and chamomile that are effective, natural and gentle, respecting the delicate skin structure of babies and pregnant women.

*Without taking into account My first face cream and Lip balm. Percentage including water.

Safe, high-quality formulas

Clinically tested under dermatological, paediatric and ophthalmological control

Suavinex’s formulas have been tested under the control of paediatric, dermatology and ophthalmology specialists. Exhaustive controls certified by internal and external professionals to ensure the suitability of each of the formulas that make up the cosmetic ranges for babies and mums.

Suitable for sensitive skin

All of Suavinex’s formulas are suitable for sensitive skin. The ingredients are carefully selected to care for your baby’s delicate skin from their first days of life. The maternity range meets the needs of mothers’ skin during pregnancy and after birth, adapting to their changing pH levels and hormones.

  • Formulas tested in more than
    1.000 INDIVIDUALS (3)

    The products in the Suavinex cosmetics range are designed to meet the needs of consumers who expect a lot from their skin care products. Each of our formulas has undergone additional tests, beyond those required by the regulations, in order to offer the high level of RELIABILITY, SATISFACTION and GUARANTEE that families expect.

    (3) Entire sample used for the Patch Test, HRIPT and Test of use performed on the different products in the range.

Because we’re committed to the world that future generations will inherit...


    1st cosmetics range for babies and mums with packaging made from renewable raw materials.

    The containers used for Suavinex cosmetics are bio-based and 100% recyclable. A proposal created with renewable raw materials such as sugar cane from sustainable sources.


    The containers used for Suavinex cosmetics provide a different modern design while being environmentally friendly. Their square shape helps optimise their transport, as they are more stackable. Additionally, by avoiding excess packaging because no cardboard boxes are used for bottled products, it means that we transport less air.


    The cardboard and paper used in the packaging of Suavinex cosmetics come from 100% recycled material. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable so that it can be reused to make new bottles or products, giving it another useful life.

Cosmetics Suavinex

A world of sensations and textures

The subtle, delicate scent of Suavinex cosmetics provides a pleasant experience for the senses for both newborns and mums.

• Important for babies, who are still learning to decipher the various sensory stimuli they receive.
• And for pregnant women, who have a heightened sense of smell.

Their rapidly absorbed texture and easy application make them ideal for daily care.