How to burp a baby

Your baby has just finished their feed, but they're very agitated. The trouble is that they haven't burped, which can bring up the air that they swallowed while they were sucking. What can we do to help them?

These are the four ideal positions for winding a baby:

Resting on your shoulder

Keep the baby upright with their tummy resting on your chest. Try to support their head with your shoulder. This will ease their tummy and relax them. With your free hand, gently rub their back with an upward movement.

Patting them on the back

Sit them on your knee, leaning forward slightly on your right hand, but not too much. Using your left hand, gently pat their back.

Lying face-down

Lie the baby face-down on your lap, with their head resting on your thigh. Keep your left hand on their bottom and with your right hand rub their back firmly, using especially slow, gentle, regular movements without sudden changes.

Sitting on your knee

Once you baby is able to stay upright without any trouble, immediately after feeding sit them on your lap and hold them under their arms. Then gently bounce them up and down.