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baby skincare

With formulas that are free from parabens, caffeine, petrolatum, artificial colourings and sodium lauryl sulfate, the Body Luxuries range of body treatments is the ideal way to care for your baby's delicate skin.

Baby Cologne 100ml

A combination of citrus, white flowers and musk to freshen your baby's skin.

Moisturising massage lotion 400ml and 750ml

Nourishes and softens the skin while protecting it from external aggression. Basic baby care.




foam cleansing gel and shampoo 450ml and 750ml

Cleans and preserves the skin's acid mantle and stimulates the senses thanks to its pH 5.5 and foamy texture. Baby Cologne scent.

nourishing cleansing gel

Cleanses, moisturises and protects dry skin. Ultra-moisturising formula.

Syndet cleansing gel and shampoo 400ml and 750ml

Preserves the skin's acid mantle with its special soap-free formula and pH 5.5. A basic part of baby's daily care.

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