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You've just become a mum and all your attention is focused on caring for your baby. But don't forget to look after yourself too! The products in the post-partum range will help regain your skin's firmness and will make breastfeeding easier. They will be of great assistance to you in this new emotion-filled adventure that is motherhood. Enjoy it!

sublime anti-stretch mark oil 100ml

Anti strech-mark oil is an intensive skin treatment for use during and after pregnancy.


body restructuring cream 400ml

Maximises collagen formation and combats sagging skin, improving tone and firmness.

manual breast pump

Extracts milk hygienically and effortlessly while regulating the flow of milk.



breast pads

Absorbs leaked milk and draws moisture away from your breasts. Maximum protection thanks to their 4 layers.

silicone nipple shields

Helps the baby to latch on and suck. They are also very helpful to mothers suffering from sore or cracked nipples.





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