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from -2 to 4 months

Find all our products for babies aged -2 to 4 months.

drying rack

Use this practical accessory to keep bottles, soothers and teats clean and tidy.

Link Rice Cooker

This accessory for the Link food processor allows you to cook 2 to 3 portions of rice, pasta or pulses in just a few minutes.

Link Vacuum Storage Containers

This practical accessory for the Link food processor allows you to vacuum package food, keeping it fresh and retaining its nutritional properties.

evolution soother

The channel built into the bottom of the soother allows air to flow between the skin and the soother while helping to expel saliva. No more irritation from drooling!

broches ML
soother clip with ribbon Button

Attach the soother to the baby's clothes, preventing it from falling on the floor and getting dirty or lost. The most convenient, practical accessory for your baby.

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